Missing the Forest for the Trees

With my takeoff checklist complete, I lined up on runway 14 at Dove Airstrip (MO81) in Christian Wings for the World‘s C150 with my instructor, Lionel Smith. I applied the… Read more »

Leaning Procedures

Leaning the engine during flight can be intimidating for those pursuing their private certificate. During most training flights, our altitude is low enough that leaning is not recommended. However, we… Read more »

Building a Kit Plane – Part 5

Thinking back to being in school and longing to hear that we had a 2-hour delay brings back fond memories. However, as the Zenith CH750 project comes together, I cringe… Read more »

Building a Kit Plane – Part 4

As the seasons continue to change, the Zenith project is blooming into what will soon not just look like an airplane, but actually be a flying machine. Since the last… Read more »

Building a Kit Plane – Part 3

Have you ever read a book that was so good you just couldn’t put it down? I’m finding out that building a plane is a very similar scenario. The story… Read more »

Building a Kit Plane – Part 2

It’s amazing what can be done in a few weeks time. On December 16, the wings and tail were in the (nearly) completed state you read about in Hangar Talk… Read more »

Building a Kit Plane

Even though I’ve been exposed to aviation for less than two years, I have embraced multiple opportunities to further my education relating to it. From completing my private ticket to… Read more »

Introducing Maintenance Services

As of May 1st, 2013, Sweet Aviation began offering aircraft maintenance services. Some of you may be aware that we’ve been performing maintenance on the flight school aircraft throughout the… Read more »

Your Inflight Weather Monitor

The Apple iPad continues to gain relevance in the cockpit and has already proven itself as a very practical and cost-effective tool for pilots as a flight-planning and chart-reference device.… Read more »

Is It Legal?

The emergence of the iPad as a powerful aviation tool has changed the way we go about many of our flight tasks. But it has also prompted questions about whether… Read more »