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Aviation is more than a hobby or career — it’s a lifestyle propelled by passion. We work very hard to help every one of our customers cultivate this shared passion with our professional team of aviation experts focused on delivering exceptional experiences that are safe and fun. As a critical component of this effort, we provide an ultramodern, first-rate fleet of both airplanes and helicopters that is ideal for charter, training, or renting.

  • Premium Air Charters — We offer VIP-caliber air charter service in a variety of safe, versatile, modern, and comfortable aircraft.
  • World-Class Flight Training — Aspiring pilots excel in our professional flight school thanks to the aid of our state-of-the-art fleet and our incredibly experienced and knowledgeable team of flight instructors.
  • Superior Aircraft Service — Our maintenance and detailing team is committed to serving our clients with a laser focus on attention to detail, keeping our clients feeling great about their aircraft — both inside and out!
Entering the Aircraft
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Our Mission

At Sweet Aviation, our customers’ success and satisfaction are at the core of why we do what we do. Our mission is to help customers achieve their ambitions of flight by providing a fun, safe, and memorable experience that accomplishes their aviation goals and exceeds expectations.

Sweet Aviation accomplishes this mission by “Doing the Right Thing!”


The aviation community is a group of like-minded, fun, and passionate individuals, and we try to find and create as many opportunities as possible to bring everyone together. We’d love to see you at one of our upcoming events or classes! We’ll be updating this list monthly, so be sure to check back often or get on our mailing list. If there’s an aviation event or meeting you’d like to schedule at Sweet Aviation, get in touch with us.

Sweet Aviation from Above


We’re always on the lookout for aviation enthusiasts as passionate about customer service as we are! If you are interested in joining the Sweet Aviation team here in Fort Wayne, feel free to submit your résumé and cover letter. We’ll keep them on file, and if you seem like the right fit for one of our openings, we’ll give you a call.

Hangar Talk

Welcome to Hangar Talk! If you’re looking to learn more about aircraft and flying or simply want to gain a little insight into pilot life, Hangar Talk has it all!

Our Team

Welcome to Sweet Aviation! Flying is more than a hobby or career — it’s a lifestyle propelled by passion. We work very hard to help every one of our customers cultivate that passion by providing an ultramodern, first-rate fleet, ideal for training, chartering, or renting, along with a professional, highly trained staff who love aviation as much as our customers!