Come Fly with Sweet Aviation

Conveniently located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, there is no better place to catch a charter flight or for aspiring and experienced pilots to train, rent, or have their aircraft serviced.

  • Discover a new passion or fulfill your lifelong dream! We offer FAA certified flight training for private, instrument, and commercial pilot certifications.
  • Put time back on your side! We are Fort Wayne’s only airplane charter service and can help you save hours of valuable time as an alternative to driving or flying commercial!
  • Join a tight-knit and prestigious community! You’ll see how pilots get hooked on the freedom and excitement of taking control of the cockpit and flying as pilot-in-command.
  • Fly the most modern fleet of aircraft in the Midwest! Whether you’re training or renting for your own adventures, we have you covered with a variety of airplanes and helicopters.
  • Keep your equipment soaring safely! We offer complete, premier maintenance services, including fixed wing and rotorcraft.
  • Experience the fun and safety of Cirrus! We are the only certified Cirrus Aircraft Training Partner in Northeast Indiana.
  • Take an exhilarating Thrill Ride in our Super Decathlon! We also offer stick and rudder training for tailwheel endorsement, spin recovery, upset recovery, or even aerobatic training.
  • Explore the exhilaration of Enstrom helicopter! We are the Midwest’s only Authorized Enstrom dealer and service center.

What our customers are saying

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I am excited for my wife to begin classes here. I can tell she is going to receive a great education and have the knowledge she needs to be successful in a career focused in aviation. Anyone who is looking to make a career out of aviation, let this be your one and only stop. – Jaymie