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by Dan Leonard

joel-at-put-in-baySpring is here, which means it’s time to start thinking about quick warm-weather getaways. A favorite around here is Put-in-Bay (3w2 is the identifier). The best route from Smith Field is KSMD KPCW 3w2. As you look at your charts, you’ll notice this route will keep you safely clear of the restricted airspace near the island. Be sure to look over the various airport remarks as there are a few abnormalities about flying in and out of this beautiful and entertaining island. The airport’s 2,870ft runway has been recently re-surfaced, making it very visible as you’re flying toward the island.

There’s a lot to do at Put-in-Bay, and you could easily fill a few days with all the local attractions. Popular destinations include Crystal Cave, the Butterfly Museum, and any of the many restaurants, or you can take an aerial tour, and/or grab a golf cart and go for a refreshing cruise around the island. My friend Steve Overy is flying helicopter tours on the island, so fly there and let him show you the sights from the air. Whatever you end up doing, Put-in-Bay is worth the trip

Dan Leonard

Pilot, Ground Instructor, & Detail Manager

With his father being a Master Navigator in the United States Air Force, Dan traveled the world with his family. He joined the United States Air Force and served in Vietnam, receiving the Air Force Commendation Medal. He has always had an interest in flying, and he decided to pursue that dream in 2007. He enrolled as a private pilot student at Smith Field and finished his training under the guidance of Joel Pierce. In 2008, he bought a Cessna 172, in which he completed his instrument rating. After achieving these goals, Dan decided to go ahead and obtain his ground instructor certificate. During his aviation training, he found areas of pilot training that were challenging to learn on his own. Dan’s goal is to train and encourage student pilots through these challenges to help ensure they achieve their dreams of flying.