The Pilot in Command and Aircraft Airworthiness

Throughout the course of private pilot training, every student learns the privileges and responsibilities of the Pilot in Command (PIC). One of the most overlooked responsibilities is requirement 91.7, which… Read more »

Elevator Trim

There are several different ways elevator trim can be installed. Inside the cabin, control for the trim is either an electric switch on the elevator control, a manual trim wheel,… Read more »

Challenge Your Instrument Skills

The ability to go flying is a dream come true for every pilot. To climb in an airplane on a rainy day, takeoff and climb up into the clouds quickly… Read more »

Brakes – Safety Check

Though performing a thorough preflight inspection is critical to the safety of every flight, there are some items that are especially important to check before settling into the cockpit for… Read more »

Blue Skies and Blue Gas: A Pilot’s Favorite Scenario

A pilot is enticed to fly by clear, blue skies. What else about the color blue is important to a pilot? Before each flight, pilots check to ensure their aircraft… Read more »

Seatbelts: Safely Connected, Ready to Fly!

Does it get any better than climbing into an aircraft, clicking your seatbelt together, and settling into the cockpit for another extraordinary flying experience? Although the seatbelt portion may seem… Read more »

Carbureted vs Fuel Injected

Starting In carbureted engines, the fuel/air mixture meets in the carburetor. The mixture then goes to each cylinder through the air intakes. In the fuel injected engine, the fuel and… Read more »

A Frosty Situation

Here we are, on the edge of another season change. The air is cooling, the nights are crisp, and the leaves are starting to turn. Now is the time to… Read more »

Heating It Up

While the recent drop in temperatures may be a welcome change for some, the cooler weather does present some unique challenges to flying. The most evident of these challenges is… Read more »

Diamond Eclipse Propellers: Wood Prop Nuances

Everyone would agree that the propeller is an extremely important part of the airplane. Wooden propellers are installed on the Diamond DA-20-C1 aircraft, and they are actually subject to some… Read more »