Why choose Sweet Aviation for your aircraft service?

At Sweet Aviation, our philosophy of doing the right thing means no job is complete until you are 100% satisfied. Before we even begin working on your aircraft, we want to understand your aviation goals and needs so that we can best serve you. Then, we’ll offer fair pricing on quality repairs that are done in a timely fashion, and we’ll aim to exceed your expectations in every aspect of your service needs.

As the only Cirrus Authorized Service Center in Northeast Indiana, our factory-trained technicians know your aircraft inside and out. They are meticulous and transparent — triple-checking every detail and keeping you informed throughout the maintenance process to ensure you get back into the air safely and conveniently.

Cirrus Partner


  • Cirrus Experts – Factory-Trained and Cirrus-Authorized
  • Annual Inspections
  • Pre-purchase Inspections
  • Personalized Maintenance Tracking
  • Propeller Balance
  • Oxygen Bottle Refills
  • Interior & Exterior Detailing

Aircraft Detailing

Maintaining your aircraft includes making sure your aircraft is always looking its best. The detailers at Sweet Aviation have trained with the nationally renowned detailers at our sister company, SweetCars, and use the finest products on the market. Whether you’re looking for a quick cleanup or a nose-to-tail detailing, contact us today to get your detailing session scheduled!

Overnight Hangar Space

If you have a trip planned for the holidays or anytime this winter, park your aircraft in our heated hangar overnight. You, your passengers, and your aircraft will be glad you did! Pricing varies by the size of the plane, but below is a rough breakdown of what you can expect.


Single-Engine piston
Multi-engine piston

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