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Private pilot ground school is offered three times a year at Sweet Aviation (spring, fall, and winter sessions) and covers a broad range of topics to provide the basic knowledge you need to become a certified pilot. Tackle topics like understanding airspace and navigation charts, weather planning, aerodynamics, flight operations, and more – our experienced flight instructors will help you prepare for your FAA Knowledge Exam, and we guarantee you’ll pass it! While attending ground school, you can also receive additional educational support if needed, such as one-on-one instruction on specific topics. Our private pilot ground school lasts 12 weeks, and the schedule is flexible – each week you can choose to either attend Saturday morning, Tuesday evening, or both!


Classes are held on Saturday mornings, from 9AM to 12PM. There are also Tuesday classes from 6 to 9PM.


Smith Field Airport Conference Room
902 W. Ludwig Rd., Fort Wayne, IN 46825


This course helps you prepare for the FAA Knowledge Exam, which you are guaranteed to pass.*


This is a 12-week course with two sessions to choose from each week: Saturday, 9AM–12PM, or Tuesday, 6–9PM.

*Certain requirements apply

Q: Is ground school all I need to receive a pilot’s certificate?
A: No, much like a driver’s license, there are both a ground knowledge portion and a practical portion of flight training.

Q: Do I need to finish ground school before I start flying?
A: No, you do not. We actually encourage you to partake in flying and ground school concurrently so that you will be able to apply your knowledge from class to your experience in the aircraft.

Class Information

  • 12-week course with two sessions to choose from each week: Saturdays, 9AM–12PM or Tuesdays, 6–9PM
  • Pass your FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Exam – guaranteed!*

Contact or give us a call at (260) 267-5505 if you have questions or would like more information.