My Journey to Becoming a Professional Pilot

My journey of becoming a professional airline pilot started when I was 17 years old. Looking up to the vast blue sky and knowing I had a place up there… Read more »


Power Available

Winter is upon us, and with that we usually notice a marked increase in performance in our helicopters. Whereas in the heat of summer it takes 36 or even 38… Read more »

The Forgetting Curve

We all have times when we have gaps in our training. Perhaps life gets busy or an aircraft goes down for maintenance and Mother Nature unleashes a deluge of rain.… Read more »

Summertime Flying

Summertime is the time of year when everybody wants to go flying. It’s a great time to learn a new skill and enjoy the wonders of flying. Summer doesn’t come… Read more »

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

This is a popular saying in the engineering and science world that applies directly to general aviation. As we start out on that very first lesson, it is a whole… Read more »

From Passenger to Copilot

Imagine flying along in the passenger seat of an aircraft, enjoying the beautiful blue sky. Suddenly, your pilot’s health takes a downward turn, to the point where he’s unable to… Read more »

Flight Reviews – Are You Due?

Have you ever experienced that embarrassing, head-scratching moment when you realize you’ve been flying without a current flight review? It’s a good idea to include a quick check to ensure… Read more »

Passion for Proficiency

A common bond among aviators is their strong passion for flying. However, do pilots share a common passion for increasing their level of proficiency with every flight? Yes, I believe… Read more »

Frequent Flying Leads to Piloting Success

Success! Learning to fly brings pilots a wonderful and rewarding feeling. Successful flying requires many things, but most pilots and instructors believe that flying frequently is the key. However, “frequently”… Read more »

Planning for Safety: Flight Plans

What is the purpose of filing a flight plan? Increased safety! If you go flying and don’t show up at a scheduled time, someone with a lot of valuable information… Read more »