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Building a Kit Plane – Part 7

The only thing that makes me realize when an entire month has passed by is when Joel Pierce sends the “Hangar Talk article deadline” email. Writing the articles help keep me grounded and reminds me of the progress since last month.

Here are the latest developments:The ground adjustable propeller was installed, and the blade pitch was set. The cowling was trimmed to fit and installed with convenient Camloc fasteners. All of the wiring is completed inside and out, and just before closing the top of the instrument panel, we confirmed the operation of all avionics. After that, the windshield could be installed.

As the “to do” list dwindled, Pat T and I discussed installing the wings again. The weather forecast simply would not cooperate and his barn doesn’t have a hangar door (yet). Phone calls went out to the closest airports, but we didn’t have much luck, especially since the timeframe is undetermined. Fortunately, we found a private strip with available hangar space and moving day commenced.

The plane arrived by trailer at its new (temporary) home on Friday, June 28. The wings, flaperons, and slats were installed within 24 hours, and the plane was running and taxiing within another 24!

The next update should be interesting, mostly due to FAA paperwork and waiting. Regardless, we’ll keep you posted on happenings between now and then.