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Want more time with your loved ones, more time to get things done, and less time on the road or in airports? Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, solo or with a group, flying charter puts time back on your side. As an FAA Part 135 certified charter service operating out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, we look forward to helping you get to your destination safely and conveniently on your schedule.

Pilatus PC-12

What We Offer

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Our aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art avionics and meticulously maintained, and our professional pilots are required to complete frequent recurrent training.

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Take a direct flight or create your own customized itinerary. Whether you’re flying for fun with family and friends or with colleagues for an important work trip, you’re in control of when and where you fly.



With plenty of personal space, hand-selected entertainment, food and beverage options, and an abundance of other amenities, flying with us is a premium experience.

What You Get



We can utilize smaller airports and shorter runways so you’ll land closer to your destination and avoid time-consuming security lines, airline delays, layovers, lost baggage, and a litany of other potential travel disruptions.



Avoid many of the headaches and expenses that come with overnight travel and improve the quality of time you spend traveling.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

With complete control of your own itinerary, you have the flexibility to extend or shorten your trip or alter your destination or departure time at any point.

Near and Far

Trip planning is a cinch — just contact us or fill out the form on this page, and we’ll make your arrangements! We’re based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but your trip can start and end virtually anywhere!

Get to a number of major cities like Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, and Cleveland in a matter of minutes compared to the time it takes to drive or fly commercial!

Driving to destinations like Nashville, St. Louis, or Milwaukee takes several hours, and flying commercial means layovers. But with a Sweet Aviation charter, we can leave on your time, land closer to your destination, and get you home as soon as you’re ready!

Avoid the long car rides to destinations like Florida, New Orleans, or along the East Coast –we’ll get you there in a fraction of the time and ensure the smoothest trip possible!

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For our pilots, flying isn’t only a career, it’s a lifestyle propelled by passion. That passion is present in everything we do — from continuous education through frequent recurrent training to delivering a first-class experience every time we fly.