Cirrus SR20 G6
Cirrus SR20 G6
Cirrus SR20 G6
Cirrus SR20 G6
Cirrus SR20 G6
Cirrus SR20 G6
Specialized Training Opportunities:
Cirrus Transition High Performance Glass Cockpit - TAA

Why choose between business or pleasure when you can have both? It’s the ultimate dual-role airplane – fun, safe, and manageable enough for newer pilots, yet sophisticated and luxurious for the seasoned professional. Use it to achieve your high performance endorsement, take a cross-country trip, or pursue any number of endorsements and add-ons. Like all of our Cirrus aircraft, it features the CAPS™ (Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System™) built-in parachute.

Useful Load 967 lb.
Radio XM weather and radio, all-digital Bluetooth audio panel, 4 USB charging ports
Seats 5
Two Bose A20 headsets included with rental
CAPS/Autopilot Blue Level Button/seat belt airbags
Dual ADAHRS, dual WAAS GPS, dual alternators and batteries
Cuffed wing/envelope protection and alerting
Traffic alerts
Quantity in Sweet Aviation fleet 2

  • SweetFlyers Members: $309/hour
  • Non-members: $329/hour
  • Discovery Flight: $250
  • Instructor Fee: $85/hour

Call (260) 267-5505 to learn more and reserve this aircraft.