Redbird FMX
Redbird FMX
Redbird FMX
Redbird FMX
Redbird FMX
Redbird FMX
Specialized Training Opportunities:
Glass Cockpit - TAA

Investing in the Future of Flight
Sweet Aviation is excited to announce the addition of an all new, Redbird FMX flight simulator to our unique and diverse fleet of training tools. This top-of-the-line piece of equipment gives our students more opportunities to train in realistic situations and better yet, save on flight rental fees!

Expansive Visual Display
Six displays offer 200° of surrounding visuals and a world-wide terrain database, allowing you to experience cockpit views without ever leaving the ground.

Wide Range of Motion
The FMX’s one of a kind motion system gives you superior feedback for yaw, pitch, and roll – giving you a more authentic in-flight feeling.

Dozens of Aircraft at Your Fingertips
With an innovative quick-change system, the simulator can switch between a selection of aircraft configurations allowing students the opportunity to train on a variety of aircraft technologies.

  • Member: $79/hour
  • Non-member: $99/hour
  • Instructor Fee: $75/hour

Call (260) 267-5505 to learn more and reserve this aircraft.