Cirrus SR22 GTS (BRAND NEW!)


The Cirrus SR22 GTS is a premium flying option, perfect for charter travel and cross-country rentals, thanks to its comfortable cabin, plethora of amenities and state-of-the-art avionics. This plane is packed with power and speed, but also has the safety features you’ve come to expect with every Cirrus. Come check it out today and book your next flight!

  • Useful Load
    1,176 pounds
  • Usable Fuel
    92 gallons
  • Autopilot
    3-Axis with Yaw Damper
  • Radio
    XM Weather and Radio
  • Premium Bose A20 headsets
  • CAPS/Autopilot Blue Level Button
  • Cuffed Wing/Envelope Protection and Alerting
  • Traffic Alerts
  • Air Conditioning
  • Built-in Oxygen System
  • TKS Anti-icing System – FIKI Certified
  • Digital Back-up Gauges