Redbird TD2
Redbird TD2
Redbird TD2
Redbird TD2
Redbird TD2
Redbird TD2
Redbird TD2
Redbird TD2
Specialized Training Opportunities:
Glass Cockpit - TAA

This FAA-approved aviation training device is the perfect time- and money-saving tool for pilots of all levels. As a student pilot, the Redbird can help you practice ATC communications, navigation, flying by reference to instruments, and more. Customers seeking an instrument rating can learn and practice holding patterns, instrument approaches, and more. Already have your IFR? You can maintain your currency and greatly improve your proficiency in the Redbird by practicing IFR emergencies or practicing in weather simulations you would be uncomfortable flying through in real life.

This BATD has been FAA approved for logging the following training and experience:

  • 10 hours toward an instrument rating (FAR 61.65(i))
  • 2.5 hours toward the 40 hours required for private pilot (FAR 61.109 (k)(1))
  • Instrument currency (FAR 61.57 (c)(3) and (c)(4))
  • All training toward a rating must be completed under the supervision of a CFII, but maintaining instrument currency does not require an instructor to be present

We believe you will find the Redbird helpful as a training aid for many areas. It provides the ability to simulate emergencies that would not be safe in an actual airplane, practice approaches at airports you will visit on vacation (like Oshkosh!), experience extreme crosswind landings, practice efficient radio navigation, and more.

  • Instructor only required when logging training hours
  • Instructor not required for IFR pilots using simulator to maintain currency
Garmin G1000 glass panel AND traditional six pack with GNS-530 panel available
Advanced autopilot
Retractable landing gear (optional configuration)
Constant speed/variable pitch propeller (optional configuration)

  • Member: FREE
  • Non-member: $40/hour
  • Instructor Fee: $85/hour

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