Spring is here, which means it’s time to start thinking about quick warm-weather getaways. A favorite around here is Put-in-Bay (3w2 is the identifier). The best route from Smith Field… Read more »

Medications and the FAA

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Young Eagles

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Missing the Forest for the Trees

With my takeoff checklist complete, I lined up on runway 14 at Dove Airstrip (MO81) in Christian Wings for the World‘s C150 with my instructor, Lionel Smith. I applied the… Read more »

Building a Kit Plane – Part 5

Thinking back to being in school and longing to hear that we had a 2-hour delay brings back fond memories. However, as the Zenith CH750 project comes together, I cringe… Read more »

Building a Kit Plane – Part 4

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Building a Kit Plane – Part 3

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Building a Kit Plane – Part 2

It’s amazing what can be done in a few weeks time. On December 16, the wings and tail were in the (nearly) completed state you read about in Hangar Talk… Read more »

Building a Kit Plane

Even though I’ve been exposed to aviation for less than two years, I have embraced multiple opportunities to further my education relating to it. From completing my private ticket to… Read more »