Flight Reviews – Are You Due?

Have you ever experienced that embarrassing, head-scratching moment when you realize you’ve been flying without a current flight review? It’s a good idea to include a quick check to ensure… Read more »

Passion for Proficiency

A common bond among aviators is their strong passion for flying. However, do pilots share a common passion for increasing their level of proficiency with every flight? Yes, I believe… Read more »

Frequent Flying Leads to Piloting Success

Success! Learning to fly brings pilots a wonderful and rewarding feeling. Successful flying requires many things, but most pilots and instructors believe that flying frequently is the key. However, “frequently”… Read more »

Planning for Safety: Flight Plans

What is the purpose of filing a flight plan? Increased safety! If you go flying and don’t show up at a scheduled time, someone with a lot of valuable information… Read more »

Surprise, We’re the FAA!

Having a pilot’s certificate is a privilege that takes a lot of hard work to earn. There are big responsibilities that come along with your pilot certification. One of these… Read more »

Collision Avoidance

Unlike in cars, we rarely have close calls with other aircraft. Since the sky is so big and airplanes are so small, we commonly have cross-country flights where we see… Read more »

Building a Kit Plane – Part 9

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve caught myself telling a student pilot “the checkride really isn’t that bad.” I was nervous when I took mine, but I… Read more »

Building a Kit Plane – Part 8

It’s time for me to fess up. I’ve now built an airplane and had my pilot’s license for about two years, but I’ve never been to Oshkosh until this year.… Read more »

Building a Kit Plane – Part 7

The only thing that makes me realize when an entire month has passed by is when Joel Pierce sends the “Hangar Talk article deadline” email. Writing the articles help keep… Read more »

Building a Kit Plane – Part 6

When you first think about tackling any project, the end result motivates you to get started. As you progress, you might diminish your motivation by wondering what you’ve gotten yourself… Read more »