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Learn to Fly at Smith Field Airport

Learn to Fly

Becoming a certified pilot will seem like a daunting challenge, but when you learn with Sweet Aviation, you’ll discover that flight training is fun, safe, and rewarding! Whether you want to fly for an exciting new hobby or a fulfilling career, aviation may quickly become your passion!

When you learn to fly, you can:

  • Fulfill your dreams
  • Embark on an exciting career path
  • Work toward new accomplishments
  • Join an exclusive aviator club
  • Fly yourself for work or family trips
  • Gain a new way to see the world
  • Challenge yourself with additional training
  • Find a new community
  • Have fun!

How Do I Become a Pilot?

Follow these easy steps, and find out what it takes to get your passion off the ground.

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Let's Talk

Let’s Talk

Give us a call to schedule your first Discovery Flight.

Let's Meet

Let’s Meet

Meet with our flight training manager to discuss the training process, tour our facilities, and check out our aircraft.

Let's Plan

Let’s Plan

Make a plan and establish goals to measure progress and ensure success.

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Time to Learn

Develop the skills and knowledge to become a pilot


Ground School

A 12-week course designed to cover all the knowledge needed to become a certified pilot

Our experienced flight instructors cover everything from aerodynamics to flight operations, from understanding airspace and navigation charts to weather planning, and more. We will help you prepare – and guarantee you’ll pass – the FAA’s written test!

Discovery Flight

Experience the thrill of flight and explore the opportunities available in the world of aviation

A Discovery Flight is an interactive but low-pressure first flight lesson that lasts around one hour. It includes approximately 30 minutes of ground instruction and 30 minutes of flight time. You will first meet with a flight instructor and cover the basic concepts of flight. Next, you and your instructor will perform a preflight inspection of the aircraft prior to taking flight. Then you will grab the controls and prepare for takeoff. With help from your CFI sitting next to you, you will learn how to fly the aircraft by performing basic flight maneuvers while enjoying the great view from aloft.

Training & Certifications – Airplane & Helicopter

We offer many certification and training options for any path you want to pursue, whether that’s in airplanes or helicopters. Select the training options below to learn about prerequisites, steps, and flight time requirements.

Specialized & Advanced Training

There are countless ways to advance your aviation skills to become a well-rounded or highly specialized pilot. Below are the additional training opportunities we have available at all Sweet Aviation locations – click the links below to see which aircraft these can be accomplished in.

  • Helicopter Add-on
    Learn to fly with rotors instead of wings
  • Cirrus Transition
    Get checked out in our modern Cirrus aircraft
  • Tailwheel Endorsement
    Back to your roots with stick and rudder training
  • Aerobatics
    Safely perform advanced maneuvers and stunts
  • Upset Prevention & Recovery
    Learn how to prevent and safely recover airplane upset
  • Glass Cockpit – TAA
    Learn to use advanced electronic flight instruments
  • High Performance Endorsement
    Fly more powerful, higher-horsepower aircraft
  • High Altitude Endorsement
    Fly a pressurized airplane above 25,000 feet
  • Complex Endorsement
    Fly a more technically advanced aircraft
  • Turbojet
    Receive training and log turbine flight time

I’m Certified! What’s Next?

I'm Certified
  • Visit our events page to get involved with the aviation community.
  • Check out our fleet and find the perfect aircraft to rent for your next trip.
  • Consider specialized and advanced training, such as high performance training, tailwheel endorsement, aerobatic training, or a Discovery Flight in our Vision Jet.
  • Keep training and learning. Just a few examples include getting your instrument rating, commercial certificate, or CFI certificate – the possibilities are endless!

Email us or give us a call at (260) 267-5505 if you have questions or would like more information.

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