Instrument Rating Ground School

At Smith Field Airport

Advance Your Aviation Possibilities

If you’re ready to broaden your flying horizons — like soaring above the clouds, safely flying in inclement weather, and improving your nighttime flying — join us for this 12-week course that covers the information needed for the FAA’s Instrument Rating Knowledge exam, which we guarantee you’ll pass! Taught by expert flight instructors, you’ll learn from pilots who have seen and been through it all!

Learn more about how to obtain an instrument rating.

Improve your aviator knowledge and skill, becoming a safer and more confident pilot while also increasing your options to fly more!


Q: How much is Sweet Aviation Instrument Ground School?
A: Entire course is just $499 and includes the Sporty’s Online Instrument Portal and our FAA Knowledge Exam guarantee.

Q: Is Instrument Ground School all I need to receive an instrument rating?
A: No, much like a driver’s license, there is ground knowledge and a practical portion of flight training.

Q: Do I need to finish Instrument Ground School before I start flying in instrument conditions?
A: No, you do not. We actually encourage you to begin your instrument training flight concurrently with your Instrument Ground School so that you will be able to apply what you are learning in the class to the aircraft.

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Teaching in class
  • Entire course is just $499 and includes the Sporty’s Online Instrument Portal and our FAA Knowledge Exam guarantee
  • This is an interactive course of study with certified instructors from Sweet Aviation
  • 12-week course: Thursdays, 6–9PM
  • Classes are held Thursday afternoons at Smith Field Airport (SMD)
  • Pass Your FAA Instrument Rating Knowledge Exam – Guaranteed!*

All classes are held at Smith Field Airport (SMD)

Week 1: Instruments, Attitude Instrument Flying, & Aerodynamics
Thursday, January 12
Week 2: Navigation Systems and Aeromedical Factors
Thursday, January 19
Week 3: Federal Aviation Regulations & Review
Thursday, January 26
Week 4: Airports, Air Traffic Control, & Airspace
Thursday, February 2
Week 5: Holding & Instrument Approaches
Thursday, February 9
Week 6: Holding, Instrument Approaches, & Review
Thursday, February 16
Week 7: Aviation Weather
Thursday, February 23
Week 8: Aviation Weather Services
Thursday, March 2
Week 9: IFR Enroute & Review
Thursday, March 9
Week 10: IFR Flights
Thursday, March 16
Week 11: Review and Test Prep
Thursday, March 23
Week 12: Review and Test Prep
Thursday, March 30

*Certain requirements apply — see instructor for details

Email us or give us a call at (260) 267-5505 if you have questions or would like more information.

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