Thrill Ride

Enjoy an Aerobatic Adventure in Our Super Decathlon

A Super Decathlon Thrill Ride is just like it sounds — up to 30 minutes of loops, rolls, spins, and inverted flight high above the Fort Wayne landscape. Some of the maneuvers you’ll experience and learn are 4-point hesitation roll, Immelmann, hammerhead, knife-edge, and more!

The experience can be tame and scenic if you prefer or as aggressive (within safety limits) as you can handle! We want this to be an enjoyable thrill of a lifetime, so your pilot will be regularly checking on how you’re doing and making sure you feel safe and comfortable.

Safety and fun are the highest priorities, in that order, so every precaution is made before and during the flight. Please note that the maxiumum passenger weight is 200 pounds. 

Our Super Decathlon Thrill Ride is just $250 and includes a 30-minute educational preflight inspection on the ground and a 30 minute flight time.

Not for you but have an adrenaline-junkie loved one or friend this would be perfect for? Gift certificates are available!

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