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We’re happy to help you with your FAA medical requirements. Please follow the steps below and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or issues. On this page you’ll find a link to the required paperwork, a link to schedule an appointment at the Sweetwater Medical Clinic, and a number of other useful resources and tips.

The cost of an exam is $150. For 1st class exams requiring an EKG, there is additional $50 fee. We accept all major credit cards and exact cash.

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Step 1

Determine what class of medical certification you need by clicking here.

Step 2

Complete the required online application with the FAA on MedXPress. *

Step 4

Bring your MedXPress application and confirmation number when you visit the Sweetwater Medical Clinic.

Please note:
*Please be sure your application is not submitted more than 60 days before your scheduled appointment.

Tip 1

Contact a third-party source, such as AOPA, if you have any concerns about your current health and/or medical history.

Tip 2

When in doubt, ask questions — to either the AOPA or just call an AME (aviation medical examiner).

Tip 3

Be sure to honestly answer the questions on your FAA MedXPress form – such as any history of convictions (no matter how long ago), etc.

Tip 4

Details! Make sure you fill in your name the same way you do in other places – such as on the FAA student pilot application. For example, if you put “Jr.” on your medical form, but not on your student pilot application, it could cause a delay.

Meet our medical staff

Todd Page, MD, graduated from the University of Colorado with a bachelor’s degree in music and then went to Indiana University for medical school, followed by a family medicine residency in South Bend, Indiana. He’s practiced as a family physician for over 25 years in the Fort Wayne area after moving to Indiana from Colorado.

Beth Berghoff, RN, brings more than 25 years of nursing experience to our clinic. She has extensive experience working in pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, and medical research. She grew up in the Fort Wayne area.

Sweetwater Medical Clinic

Sweetwater Medical Clinic
5501 US Hwy 30 W
Fort Wayne, IN 46818
(260) 247-8708

The Sweetwater Medical Clinic is located inside the Sweetwater Sound campus as a service and convenience to its employees.

The doctor on staff (Dr. Page) offers aviation medical exams out of the same office.

To get to the Sweetwater Medical Clinic, come in the main Sweetwater entrance and let our front desk staff know you’re here for an aviation medical exam – they’ll make sure you find us!

Ready to Schedule Your Exam?

You MUST complete an online application via MedXPress before we can perform your medical exam. The FAA will not allow us to perform an exam until the MedXPress application is completed AND you provide us the confirmation number. Also, the MedXPress application must be completed NO MORE THAN 60 days prior to your exam. Applications older than 60 days are automatically deleted by the FAA and are not recoverable.

Please verify, understanding that you must complete your MedXPress application AND have received your confirmation number prior to arriving for your medical exam, AND the application will be submitted within 60 days of your appointment.

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