Surprise, We’re the FAA!

Having a pilot’s certificate is a privilege that takes a lot of hard work to earn. There are big responsibilities that come along with your pilot certification. One of these… Read more »

The Pilot in Command and Aircraft Airworthiness

Throughout the course of private pilot training, every student learns the privileges and responsibilities of the Pilot in Command (PIC). One of the most overlooked responsibilities is requirement 91.7, which… Read more »

Elevator Trim

There are several different ways elevator trim can be installed. Inside the cabin, control for the trim is either an electric switch on the elevator control, a manual trim wheel,… Read more »

Challenge Your Instrument Skills

The ability to go flying is a dream come true for every pilot. To climb in an airplane on a rainy day, takeoff and climb up into the clouds quickly… Read more »

Blue Skies and Blue Gas: A Pilot’s Favorite Scenario

A pilot is enticed to fly by clear, blue skies. What else about the color blue is important to a pilot? Before each flight, pilots check to ensure their aircraft… Read more »

Collision Avoidance

Unlike in cars, we rarely have close calls with other aircraft. Since the sky is so big and airplanes are so small, we commonly have cross-country flights where we see… Read more »

Exercising Safety at a Controlled Airport

Controlled airports are busy. Whether or nor we often fly into controlled airports, we tend to rely on the controller to provide step-by-step directions. While it is important to listen… Read more »

Night Flying

Flying on a clear summer night is awesome. No turbulence, not a whole lot of traffic. Night flying is as good as it gets. I’m sure most of us have… Read more »

Missing the Forest for the Trees

With my takeoff checklist complete, I lined up on runway 14 at Dove Airstrip (MO81) in Christian Wings for the World‘s C150 with my instructor, Lionel Smith. I applied the… Read more »

Leaning Procedures

Leaning the engine during flight can be intimidating for those pursuing their private certificate. During most training flights, our altitude is low enough that leaning is not recommended. However, we… Read more »