Why Learn to Fly?

  • It’s fun! From the challenge of mastering a new craft to the breathtaking views you just can’t get from the ground, there’s a reason flying quickHelicopterly goes from hobby to passion!
  • It’s convenient! Cover a 3-hour drive in just over an hour. Fly right over highway construction traffic. Spend more time at your destination than actually getting there!
  • It’s affordable! It’s impossible to put a price on freedom and finding your passion, but you’ll find that achieving your dream is within reach!
  • It’s a lifestyle! You’ll feel a sense of belonging among a community of like-minded individuals, all of whom share a passion for flying.
  • It’s life-changing! You can get paid to do what you love with a career in aviation as a commercial pilot or flight instructor!

Below are the necessary steps for flight training.

Flight Training Plan

Get Started

Decide if you want to fly airplanes or helicopters.


  1. Call us at (260) 267-5505 to schedule a Discovery Flight with one of our professional instructors.
    • After a short introduction, you’ll complete a preflight inspection.
    • Take to the sky – with you at the controls and an instructor at your side!
  2. Meet with one of our certified instructors to discuss all of your options and requirements, including passing a medical exam.
  3. Make a plan – create a path with attainable goals to help guide and measure your progress.



  • Complete 40 hours of flight time with the guidance of a flight instructor.
  • Perform a checkride with an FAA pilot examiner.


  • Hit the books! Prepare for the written test with our 12-week ground school.
  • Pass the FAA written test – guaranteed, if you take our 12-week ground school class.

now what

  • Visit our events page for information on fly-outs, fly-ins, seminars, and other exciting things to do in the aviation community!
  • Check out our rental fleet and some exciting regional destinations and plan your next adventure!
  • Keep training and learning to advance into bigger, faster, and more complex aircraft! For instance, in our Super Decathlon you can work on your tailwheel endorsement, spin recovery, upset recovery, or even aerobatic training!
  • Get an instrument rating, so you can fly through clouds and help ensure your chances of keeping your trip on schedule!
  • Pursue a helicopter certificate!
  • Pursue a career!
  • Contribute to the aviation community through Young Eagles, Angel Flights, and others!