American Champion Super Decathlon


It’s all about getting back to the basics – Stick and Rudder! This is the ideal airplane for expanding your horizons and increasing your confidence at aircraft control through tailwheel endorsement, spin recovery, upset recovery, or even aerobatic training. With a surplus of power and flight control surfaces, this tandem 2-seater is an absolute blast! Maybe you’re not interested in taking the controls yourself, it’s also available for thrill rides – flying just doesn’t get much more fun than this! Learn more about thrill rides here.

  • Member: $179/hour
  • Non-member: $199/hour
  • Discovery flight: $149
  • CFI rate: $75/hour
  • Useful Load
    598 lbs
  • Certifications
    VFR, Night
  • Fuel Capacity
    40 Gallons
  • Top Speed
    200 MPH
  • G Limits
  • GPS
    Garmin 430