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What Flying Means to Me

As a younger man, I would often watch geese using their natural flying skills when landing on a pond, and I would think about flying. As an older man I learned how to fly, a task that was challenging. With the help of Sweet Aviation they made it possible for me to become a Private Pilot and gain my Instrument Rating, as well as mentoring me as I was becoming a Ground Instructor. My enthusiasm for and involvement in aviation has impacted my life greatly, in ways that are difficult to quantify — but I shall try my best!

The most obvious benefit to being an aviator is the ease of travel. I once received a speeding ticket while taking my wife to her relatives in Southern Ohio. Had I been airborne, I would’ve gotten there faster without the speeding ticket, and the view would’ve been breathtaking.

The second (and probably less obvious to non-aviators) benefit to being a pilot is the camaraderie with fellow pilots and aviation enthusiasts. I never realized how friendly aviation folk are until I took the plunge and became a pilot. Getting involved with incredible programs such as the Young Eagles has also been extremely rewarding experience. As they say, laughter is the best medicine. Hangar flying with other aviators frequently brings a good dose of laughter. Since I became a Private Pilot, my wife and I have enjoyed spending the time we’re not in the air hanging out with the enjoyable group of pilots that frequent Sweet Aviation. Well, it’s time for us to go flying and meet some new people!

A touch of aviation goes a long way toward improving the quality of life.