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Seatbelts: Safely Connected, Ready to Fly!

Does it get any better than climbing into an aircraft, clicking your seatbelt together, and settling into the cockpit for another extraordinary flying experience? Although the seatbelt portion may seem simple, there are a few important items to keep in mind for you and your passengers. For adjustable buckles, tighten the lapbelt portion(s) in order to keep the buckle near your waist, versus up by your chest. If you’re flying an aircraft that has seatbelts equipped with airbags, you want to be sure that you have the airbag portion positioned correctly. If an airbag expands, you want it to do so in the correct direction: away from your body. So mount up, strap on your seatbelt correctly, and prepare for lift-off! For more information, check out this informative PDFpublished by the FAA.