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More Uses for the iPad

We’ve looked at using the iPad for preflight planning and situational awareness in the aircraft. But this month, I want to share some of the great apps that are out there for flight training, learning systems, test prep, and studying for a flight review.

Many of the companies that have been providing great flight-training products for years have modified their products for iPad use. These apps are great in that they allow more user interaction, and the content is presented in a very user-friendly way. Both Sportys and King Schools have a wide selection of apps to help you achieve just about any certificate or rating. Most of their ground-school apps come with a guarantee that if you don’t pass your written test on the first try, your money will be refunded.

There are also many other apps, and one that I’ve used is a VOR trainer. It helped me learn the indications I can receive, as well as figure out where I was in relation to the VOR. There are numerous apps out there to help you learn specific hardware or avionics, from auto pilots, GPS, or integrated avionics suites. If you want to learn it, there’s probably an app for it!

A great index of apps can be found at Aviator Apps. They have over 600 apps listed there, so you should be able to find something to help you in your quest to get a new rating or certificate, or to learn how to use that shiny new resource you just had installed in the aircraft’s instrument panel.