A Special Passion for Helicopters

We offer helicopter training, sales, and service in an optimal setting.

  • Sweet Aviation is one of very few facilities in the Midwest that offers all facets of helicopter service, which is something we’re proud of and passionate about.
  • Fort Wayne is a highly convenient location to train in with a low cost of living, decongested airspace, and a safe, flat landscape.
  • Our location allows for trips to regional fun spots, such as Tony’s Restaurant in Findlay, Ohio, for amazing ribs; the downtown Indianapolis Heliport for shopping or dinner; or even Chicago for a night on the town. A rotorcraft license makes all of these trips quick, easy, and fun!

Enjoy the versatility and rewarding challenge of helicopter flight.

Sweet Aviation’s helicopter fleet includes an Enstrom and a Guimbal, and both are premier options for training due to their high level of safety, equipment, and comfort. Plus, you’ll be training with certified, experienced pilots who truly love helicopter flight.

  • We have ideal helicopters to learn in, with comfortable cabins and incredible safety records.
  • Our helicopters are well-equipped with modern, intuitive avionics.

Contact Sweet Aviation today to learn about private pilot helicopter training; or if you’re already an airplane pilot, we can discuss how to get your helicopter add-on certificate.

Now that you’re a pilot, have you thought about ownership?

Helicopter ownership is within reach, whether it’s outright or fractional, split among three or four of your aviator friends. Imagine having your own helicopter available to you virtually anytime, anywhere. Sweet Aviation is an authorized Enstrom dealer and service center, which means that when you’re ready to own your own rotorcraft, new or used, we can take care of you.

Keep your helicopter happy and healthy.

IMG_5358Sweet Aviation’s team of certified aircraft mechanics is experienced and extremely talented. We take great pride in keeping your helicopter running smoothly and safely.  In addition, our friendly, thorough detailing crew will keep your helicopter looking its best!