Come Fly with Sweet Aviation

Conveniently located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, there is no better place for aspiring and experienced pilots to train, rent, or have your aircraft serviced.

  • Discover a new passion or fulfill your lifelong dream! We offer FAA Part 141-certified flight training for private, instrument, and commercial pilot certifications.
  • Join a tight-knit and prestigious community! You’ll see how pilots get hooked on the freedom and excitement of taking control of the cockpit and flying as pilot-in-command.
  • Fly the most modern fleet of aircraft in the Midwest! Whether you’re training or renting for your own adventures, we have you covered with a variety of airplanes and helicopters.
  • Keep your equipment soaring safely! We offer complete, premier maintenance services, including fixed wing and rotorcraft.
  • Experience the fun and safety of Cirrus! We are the only certified Cirrus Aircraft Training Partner in Northeast Indiana.
  • Take an exhilarating Thrill Ride in our Super Decathlon! We also offer stick and rudder training for tailwheel endorsement, spin recovery, upset recovery, or even aerobatic training.
  • Explore the exhilaration of Enstrom helicopter! We are the Midwest’s only Authorized Enstrom dealer and service center.

What our customers are saying

Fantastic staff and a great place to learn how to fly! Take an intro flight! – Michael Alberico
(now a certified Sweet Aviation instructor!)