Terrific place for learning and renting! The professional and knowledgeable staff can not be beat. – Eddie G.

I want to thank you for the great time you showed us last Fri. Your company is definitely top-notch!  We were pleasantly surprised at the detail that you went through to show us everything involved with being a pilot. Grady so much enjoyed the experience.  I know in the near future we will have more questions. Again thanks for everything. – Jeff S.

This is a very nice FBO with modern facilities. I brought 3 rescue dogs for Perfect Paws here from Kentucky. When I went to leave, my plane wouldn’t start due to a dead battery. Many thanks to the CFI who charged my battery and got me on my way in time for my niece’s birthday party! – Amy Bogardus

I wish my local shop in Nashville was as helpful and responsive as [Sweet Aviation]. For a relatively new pilot experiencing an in-air issue like that, your team did a great job of explaining the issue and giving me the confidence and information I needed to get back in the air. -Marty B.

Fantastic staff and a great place to learn how to fly! Take an intro flight! – Michael Alberico

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I am excited for my wife to begin classes here. I can tell she is going to receive a great education and have the knowledge she needs to be successful in a career focused in aviation. Anyone who is looking to make a career out of aviation, let this be your one and only stop. – Jaymie