• Customer A is an established Sweet Aviation customer. Customer B has not taken any flight training or ground school at Sweet Aviation. Customer A refers Customer B to take flight lessons at Sweet Aviation.
  • When Customer B signs up for their Discovery Flight/first lesson they complete a referral from, providing the name of Customer A who referred them.
  • Once Customer B makes a First Solo flight by December 31, 2018, Customer A will receive a $250 account credit that can be used toward flight training, instructor fees, Ground School, and/or aircraft rental.


  • Customer A can be anyone who holds an account with Sweet Aviation.
  • Customer B can be anyone who does not have any flight training experience (at any flight school) beyond a Discovery Flight.
  • Customer B must complete the referral form at the time of enrollment to be considered a qualified referral.
  • Customer A’s referral credit will be applied only after the completion of Customer B’s first solo flight.
  • Customer B must make first solo flight by December 31, 2018 in order for credit to be received by Customer A.
  • Referral credit will be paid to Customer A in the form of an account credit. Account credit cannot be exchanged for cash and is not transferrable to other customers.
  • Sweet Aviation reserves the right to cancel or alter referral program at anytime.